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Finally a professional, stress-free packing service that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for your move with 1800 Move It!

FACT: Packing can literally ‘make or break’ your move.

It can save you a serious amount of money if done well and alternatively cost you a packet if you are disorganised or not packed at all.

If all items are packed neatly into boxes so that there is only boxes and furniture items to shift your move will go very smoothly and quickly, saving you money.

Alternatively if items are having to be moved out of the way just for the boys to get to something to lift it, the cost will escalate.

A Very Important Tip:

Make certain that you allow yourself plenty of time to pack up your house. Whatever you do, don’t try to do it all the night before.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that tell us:

“I didn’t realise it would take so long!”

or “I never had a clue that we had so much stuff!”.

Your best bet is to start your packing about a week before the move, by packing all of the items that are rarely used and finishing the night before with the often used items and unpacking the fridge into eskies.

That way, you won’t have any mad panic or nasty delays.

Feel free to contact us early so that we can deliver packing materials around to you and assess the job at the same time.

Packing for Your Move Doesn’t Need to Be Stressful At All

Lets face it, you have much better things to do, So why not call us and let our professional packing staff take care of everything for you!

If you insist on doing all the packing yourself, make sure you pack items from each room into the same boxes and that they are labelled. Put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes, marking any boxes as fragile if necessary.

IMPORTANT: Please do not fill the tea chest boxes full of books as they become too heavy for our staff to easily lift, making the job more difficult, time consuming, and costly.

Ensure that you use butchers paper and bubble wrap for your fragile and most treasured pieces.

Taping the top and bottom of your boxes is an absolute must as the last thing you want is all of your carefully packed items falling out of the bottom of a box.

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We have 2 levels of packing service you can choose from:

1. Assist Pack where our staff pack for a set period of time. (we can focus on your priority areas such as your kitchen or a ‘breakables only’ packing service)

2. Full Pack where all of your belongings are packed for you.

Interested in our packing service? Freecall 1800 668 348 or contact us.

Prefer to do the packing yourself but need materials? See our packing materials.


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