Using packing crates to pack belongings for your move is fast becoming a preferred method of packing. Not only are the crates stronger than boxes, but they pack into the trucks easily and we have a special crate trolley that means that we can load a number of crates onto the trolley to transfer onto the truck at the same time.

As you can see in the photos below, the crates are provided to you stacked as shown in the last photo and once each crate is packed, the two flaps close to lock in your items. Each packed crate can be stacked easily without the worry with boxes that they may collapse.

We have a large stock of these crates that we offer to our customers for hire at a cost at $2 per week per crate for the first week. The crates will be dropped off to you – FREE delivery* – and we will pick them up once you have finished unpacking.

FREE delivery applies when we are doing your removal work, or if not the order is over $100.